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Luis Graham Castillo
Curator, cultural manager and writer. In virtue of having participated in Curando Caribe I, he contributed in the professional team of the 26th Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes in the dimension of criticism and research, and is the current curator of the main exhibition of the 29th Bienal Nacional de Artes Visuales, working with the honored artist Orlando Menicucci. He coordinates programs and contents for some of the most prominent cultural spaces in Santo Domingo and publishes in various specialized media. Currently, he is programming director and curator of Casa Quién Gallery and his exhibition "Colirio. Prácticas estéticas que acercan" is open until June 23 at Centro Cultural de España en Santo Domingo.


Nicole Hernåndez Alvarado
Nicole Hernández-Alvarado is a Dominican born and based artist. Formally educated in Fine Arts at Chavón School of Design (2014), and later majored in Sculpture Studies at San Francisco Arts Institute (2016), San Francisco, CA.

Her work studies the connection between the construction of sites/cityscape and failure as a masculine discourse, using materials and forms that also relate to the body. After participating in Curando Caribe 2, she became interested in accompanying other artists on their art production as to highlight the process, documentation and engage in dialogues with the pieces. Currently working with three artists in her curatorial project Temporal, which highlights the “time” of the process of creation instead of the space where it is shown or created.