Managua, Nicaragua. 1977. Cultural manager, independent curator, designer y graphic artist. Advertising and communications graduate from APEC University, Santo Domingo.

Co-founder of Modafoca, an advertising and design boutique and member of the art collective that bears the same name. Have made different training studies, such as Presentation and proposals for art projects; Design Thinking, offered by IDEO; Programa de Desarrollo Directivo at Barna Business School; and more recently the training program Curando Caribe, conducted by the Centro Eduardo León Jiménes and the Centro Cultural de España de Santo Domingo, 2016-2017

For 5 years he was co-curator of the Modafoca Gallery (2005-2010), a space for emerging art, focused on graphic design, illustration and photography, where he developed different exhibitions for local artists and art related events. Together with Maurice Sánchez and Ian Victor he co-curated “Tipicográfico” exhibition in the year 2009, a meticulous documentation of the popular Dominican graphic esthetics.

He has recently carried out public art curatorial projects such as HOY - Santa Bárbara, an urban art festival held in 2015 in the Colonial City. In the last three years he’s been exploring with furniture design under his brand La Buena Fe.  He’s been also part of the urban art community with his art partner Ian Victor, best known as the art collective ‘Modafoca’, working together in some murals in public and private spaces, where they had the opportunity to paint walls for Centro León, El Sendero del Cacao, Arte Sano Project, and in many locations on the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Between 2016 and 2017 he made his first formal curatorial exercises with the artist Lizander Jiménez, presenting his first two solo shows 'Exploraciones’ at La Alpargatería, and (In) Fluir at Charo Outdoors, both in Santo Domingo. Later he presented the curatorial exercises:  ’La Gran Zafra', the first solo show of ‘Medio Peso’ collective, presented in Casa Quién, Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo and also at the Jenny Polanco Project art space in Altos de Chavón, Casa del Rio, La Romana, Dominican Republic; and 'TRISECT' a collective and collaborative exhibition between
the artists Lizander Jiménez, Madame Blanco and Christian Pimentel, presented at Lulú Tasting Bar of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo and in March 2018 it was presented again in Jenny Polanco Project art space.

He is currently one of the curators selected to work on the curatorial accompaniment to the artists selected in the 27th. Eduardo León Jiménes Art Contest 2018.