Co-founder of Beta-Local, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization that supports aesthetic practices and critical thinking. From 1999 to 2005, she directed the M & M project, an alternative non-profit space dedicated to strengthening the production of contemporary art in Puerto Rico and its international promotion. She was the creative director of the Puerto Rico events '04 [Homage to the Messenger], Puerto Rico '02 [En Ruta] and Puerto Rico '00 [Parentheses in the City]. As part of the space, she created a workshop for local residents and international artists. He has organized exhibitions at the Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona; Ex Teresa, Mexico; Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo; and the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, among others. Her work has focused on using the multiple layers and relationships of the creative field as a tool to think, rethink and live, in order to create a critical dialogue space that can be used as a bridge to establish relationships with other fields and places. She believes that creative and aesthetic thinking is essential for healthy social change. From 2005-07, Marxuach took a gap year in the field of contemporary art to dedicate himself to the restoration and design of a historic structure in Old San Juan. Her curatorial practice establishes a forum for dialogue and camaraderie among artists, where projects are discussed and enhanced beyond traditional exhibition spaces.