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Born in New Providence and raised around the colonial world, I am deeply connected to Caribbean spaces and agency as a peoples of migration,  displacement and creole connectivity and creativity. I have worked with Caribbean islands, mainlands and identities repeating across time and space through Benitez-Rojo’s work as well as works of Edouard Glissant, Aime Cesaire in postcolonial studies to inform my understanding of colonialism in Caribbean experiences left after the end of direct colonial rule.  I work through these themes in my photography, poetry, creative non-fiction and critical essays.

My creative expression finds some home in the earlier works of theorists like Gloria Anzaldua, Zora Neale Hurston and Audre Lorde who challenge constructs of unbelonging and colonialism as they pertain to spatial displacement, occupation, sexuality, and identity formation. My creative, academic and critical work has focused on moving beyond time-bound understandings of space, agency, time and the limited agency of sexualised subjectivity.  

I find temporal circularity as employed in magical realism extremely helpful in understanding the processes that take place in imperialism, capitalism, consumerism and the continued re-colonising of space, especially in the Caribbean and Latin America as powers from as far afield as China and France repurchase the once-colonial mechanisms of domination, like water and electricity delivery, and how this is currently deployed as the improvement of national service provision through private entity formation, and produces Neil Smith’s ‘uneven development’ and the disempowerment of the working classes.  

My work currently focuses on traversing The Bahamas through the concept of “For Export” a part of my current residency at The Current, Baha Mar.  I have participated in the 7th and 8th National Exhibition and then did a an exciting collaborative work with Jodi Minnis for the 9th NE, which explored the process of gentrification as it is currently being experienced in the Over-the-Hill communities of New Providence.