• Joscelyn Gardner (Visual Artist)
  • Tonika Sealy (Cultural Producer)
  • Ellie Royle (David Dale Gallery)
  • Solange Farkas (Videobrasil)
  • Janice Whittle (Queens Park Gallery & National Cultural Foundation)
  • David Bade (Instituto Buena Bista)
  • Jessica Carden (Mother Tongue)
  • Annalee Davis (Fresh Milk)


Discussions ensued around the following topics:

  • Develop an exhibition project in the Caribbean linking the Caribbean with Britain, thematically centred on the history of sugar and rum. Develop an online gallery and open forum.
  • IBB shared their planned travel to other places in the Caribbean during 2016 to celebrate the IBB’s ten-year anniversary including their desire to work with other artist led initiatives across the region.
  • Make Tilting Axis (TA) happen every year in a different island. Make an effort to do the next edition there? Start the conversation with government. Keep TA alive and construct a network. Gave example of Palais de Tokyo – tanker idea/boat. TA might apply as a network to access a cruise ship or tanker. Use Videobrasil as a platform to speak about Tilting Axis at one of the festivals and invite curators, press etc. to learn more about TA and the Caribbean.
  • Develop (i) TA website/blog and (ii) Facebook page to keep up communication.
  • Next TA might focus on a curatorial theme. We do not know the world and the world does not know the Caribbean.
  • Develop a mentoring programme.
  • Use the contacts we have to support TA moving forward and Link out TA to all networks.
  • Consider support not only for young artists but think about how older artists can benefit. Develop regular peer review sessions for artists.



  • Find a way to make Tilting Axis sustainable through an online platform. Kriston Chen to design Tilting Axis website.
  • Develop TA blog and FB page with links to all participants.
  • Convene TA on an annual or biannual basis.
  • Look into doing a project on a tanker or a cruise ship. Form a partnership with the Yankee Clipper and consider including the IBB box project.
  • Develop a mentoring programme linked with subject specialists.
  • Workshops to engender sustainability in the space including professional development for artists.
  • Develop local peer review sessions.
  • Develop an exhibition at what used to be the old Art Foundry art gallery, Barbados

Annalee Davis, Founding Director
The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc.