• Kira Simon-Kennedy (China Residencies)
  • David Codling (British Council)
  • Holly Bynoe (ARC Inc.)
  • Therese Hadchity (Art Historian)
  • Nicholas Laughlin (Alice Yard)
  • Remco de Blaaij (CCA Glasgow)
  • caryl* Ivrisse (14N 61W)
  • N’Goné Fall (GAWLab)
  • Versia Harris (Visual Artist)


The need for more art writers and venues to publish art writing, as well as creating better access to, and training for existing writers in the region.


Proposed Actionable Takeaways that surfaced during the discussion included the following:

1. Catalog:

  • Create a database of writers who cover the region, with contact info.
  • Create a database of publications (print and online) that run reviews, interviews and features on arts in the region.
  • Create a database of libraries, archives and reading rooms that catalog information on the arts in the region. This can be archived in Fresh Milk’s online map of Caribbean art spaces.

2. Support writers:

  • Provide better support for existing writers (writers' residencies through Caribbean Linked/Alice Yard and abroad, workshops, introductions to international publications).
  • Educate and create training/internship/mentoring opportunities for aspiring arts writers + journalists.
  • Help art writers travel in the region.
  • Create more art writing prizes.
  • Keep writers informed about openings and events, make sure to provide good access

3. Disseminate

  • Share content, help independent researchers get published across multiple platforms
  • Promote writers and content on websites and social media
  • Tie it into arts education, teach workshops in schools and universities
  • Translate content, create more multilingual publications
  • Interface with national libraries (Blank Canvas/NLS’ IN) and international + university + museum libraries

Although there are currently few professional arts writers based in the Caribbean, a lot can be done to encourage and foster new and existing talent.

Kira Simon-Kennedy, Co-founder
China Residencies
New York/China