I greatly enjoyed participating in Tilting Axis because it was an opportunity to connect with the many art practitioners in the Caribbean. It seemed like an opportunity to encourage more cross-cultural exchanges within the region, connections with the outside world, as well as, encourage local art production. Most importantly, this conference led to interesting creative developments such as the conception of Caribbean Futures, a project that could potentially create research, exhibitions, and public programs and opportunities.

Looking at my experience I propose that Tilting Axis should occur every two years in different locations because it might be easier to access funding for it and its action plans and mission. At this point, it would be ideal to make an advisory board as an entity that could assist with funding applications and networking regionally and internationally. As the region starts to coalesce, Tilting Axis’ core needs to consider the inclusion of professionals outside of the region to develop and move forward their mandate.

I got the impression that this first meeting was to assess interest. I would recommend that each conference could have a more specific focus, narrowing the conversation to themes pertaining to the region. I am looking forward to our next meeting and getting more involved with this effort.

Maria Elena Ortiz
Assistant Curator
Pérez Art Museum Miami