Tilting Axis is a roving meeting, pivoting on a Caribbean axis from which all other coordinates are viewed, understood and measured, facilitating more and more alliances. It was co-founded in 2014 by Annalee Davis of The Fresh Milk Art Platform and Holly Bynoe of ARC Magazine/The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. From its inception, Tilting Axis has grounded its concerns in the Caribbean as a part of a wider creative ecology, and the health, evolution and advancement, a primary objective of its annual meetings held inside and outside of the region. As a part of its expanded team, the core now includes Dr Mario Caro, Former President of Res Artis; Tobias Ostrander, Chief Curator at the Pérez Art Museum Miami; Natalie Urquhart, Director of The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands; Sara Herman, Visual Arts Consultant, Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes; and Joel Butler, Visual Arts Coordinator, Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes

Its mission is to rethink the conditions of the Caribbean from our position in the belly of the Americas. Herein lies our call to action to study and dissect contemporary visual practice related to an intra-Caribbean space. Its perspective, led by artist led initiatives spawned across this archipelago, recognises the Caribbean as central rather than peripheral, fed by multi-generational voices.

Bringing together artist led initiatives, private and state sector arts institutions and artists, writers, researchers and curators, Tilting Axis offers an intimate discursive space to reflect on how we might contribute to more inclusive and equitable art worlds. At each meeting, several themes have been identified including the following but not limited to Arts Education, Mobility and Residencies, Exhibition Development, Curatorial Strategies and Policy Development. The idea is that no matter where we are based, we can each contribute to tilting the axis from where ever we stand.